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Welcome To Wheels Corporate Solutions  
Welcome To Wheels Corporate Solutions: "Renting and leasing cars in India has never been so easy. Just a few years back, it was difficult to get a car with a decent chauffeur, or a hassle free lease option." Here you have, WCS - Striving to Exceed the Excellence WCS, One of the Emerging largest car rental company and focusing to provide the best quality in terms of service in India for Hassle Free Transportation for Corporates across India. With a Vision to launch the finest mobility services brand in car rental and leasing. WCS has got both experience and exuberance in terms of quality Man Power and constantly striving hard to better the best in terms of customer satisfaction. The company offers a wide range of mobility solutions to suit the various needs of clients like Renting & Leasing of the cars, Business Transport solutions ,Fleet Management and Holiday Cars, Weekend packages, Conference services & VIP Functions. WCS manages a fleet of over 150 cars in Chennai for Premium Car Rental and Business Transport Solutions. Our long-term Strategy is of providing innovative and excellent Service-Products over the entire value-chain in business and individual mobility.  
  The WCS alliance is a unique partnership for any car rental and leasing company in India. With this partnership the company is on its way ahead to extend to the customer the best benefits and to experience the quality service which every user deserve and dream for.  
  Launched in January 2011, WCS has already been able to establish itself as a leading player in the premium category, B2B segment, Staff Transportation and managed to achieve the desired revenue.  
  WCS in India has its HO in Chennai and operates with network partners in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The company is expected to grow in a massive way with ambitious business plans & forecast.  
  WCS core competences:
  • All-round mobility approach  
  • Service and customer-oriented range   
  • High service and product quality   
  • Positive image   
  • Innovative mobility service provider   
  • WCS Rental Software, a real time web based software has been built for and by WCS to automate operations and help create a more customer-    centric business.    
  • The graphical user/ web interface is designed to manage all the basic operations and has been developed on the .net platform. The software     handles Reservations, Operations, Billing & Invoicing, Fleet & Vendor Management and CRM. The software runs on a web based central server,    which can be accessed, by all WCS Locations through Internet.    
  • The main features of this platform are detailed hereunder;   
  • Reservation and Booking System.   
  • Customer relationship management.   
  • Vendor & Fleet Management.   
Safe Drivers, certified by Hubert & Ebner.   
Well groomed serving as a mobile concierge.   
Conversant in English.   
Equipped with Mobile Phones   
Customer Executives are provided with designer uniform and a cap.    
Theatrical workshop for the Customer Executives on body language, positive gestures, etc,   
All staff undergoes trainings on customer service regularly.   
Some in car benefits offered are:  
Complimentary drinking water.   
Latest Newspaper/magazine in all vehicles.    
Entertainment system with music and movies on demand*.   
Mobile/Laptop Chargers on demand.   
On board billing*.   
First Aid Kit   
Dry Tissue   
Feed Back Forms   
Ambi pure Perfume   
WCS Locations:  
Chennai | Delhi | Mumbai | Bangalore | Kolkata  
Business Transport Solutions  
Entire team of WCS offers 150 years of cumulative experience  
WCS is Expertise in Optimizing the Cost, Route and Trip pick up sequence, given a large number of employees spread randomly across the city in multiple shifts  
WCS does Real time management of logistics, based on peak time, absenteeism, attrition and other operational exigencies.  
WCS provides safe, reliable and cost effective service.  
WCS creates Daily, Weekly, Monthly MIS and compliance reports as per client’s requirement.  
WCS offers Trained, experienced staff and drivers to completely address the logistics needs and provide smooth and efficient operational services within a short span of time at your facility. We will be responsible for the complete route mapping / MIS report / Vehicle tracking etc.  
WCS will ensure all the drivers are trained in safe driving, well mannered and properly groomed.  
WCS conducts periodical training programs for our staffs and drivers.  
WCS is responsible for the entire transport system and will ensure smooth and error free operation with the help of your – Transport team to ensure the proper accounting system for bills and receivables with all statutory compliance.  
Our Mission is to offer you high quality transport solutions in cost effective manner.  
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